MILIFE® has a unique structure which allows it to be easily customized through a variety of value added processes.

Two types consisting of oriented, continuous polyester filaments having a diameter of about 10µm.

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Versatile and Practical

The thin yet strong properties of Milife® make it a great fit as a performance fabric for sleeping bags, thermal jackets, tents, and boat sails. Milife® adds excellent performance characteristics to many materials, enabling industrial users to differentiate and enhance their products with important benefits such as:

  • Reinforcement
  • Water-resistantance
  • High breathability
  • Light weight and thin profile

Microfiber Milife®

Micro Milife® contains the same structural benefits as Milife® but at a much smaller strand diameter. Microfiber Milife® is highly-oriented at only 2.7 µm – much smaller than typical spunbond polyester.

Wrinkle Milife®

Wrinkled Milife® has all the same properties as Milife® but with more of an insulating effect due to its thinner fibers and creped effect. The construction of Wrinkled Milife® gives it a higher loft with better insulation properties while remaining extremely light for applications in sleeping bags, insulated apparel and more.

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