100% polyester nonwoven

MILIFE® provides a silk-like surface, and a unique feel and appearance.

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Versatile expression and unique structure of MILIFE® is best for the applications pursuing visual effects such as interior, decorative packaging, and fabrics. Tape manufacturers like the cross laminated structure of MILIFE® for easy tear tape applications.

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Packaging Solutions

Premium consumer items require attractive packaging. With MILIFE®’s texture, appearance and printability make it ideal for these applications, whether used by itself or as the outer layer of a composite.

  • MILIFE®, the silky touch nonwoven, has a unique smooth surface making it appropriate for quality printing.
  • MILIFE®’s fiber alignment produces a rich silk-like packaging that can be converted to bags, pouches or envelopes.


With its cross-laminated warp and weft fibers, MILIFE® gives excellent easy tear properties in tapes.

  • Ease of dyeing and printing of MILIFE® are valued in decorative tape applications.
  • Low basis weight and thickness of MILIFE® is an ideal core material for double-faced adhesive tapes, because adhesives can be applied to both sides in one coating pass.


The silky surface of MILIFE® lends itself to new apparel applications.
Slit and twisted yarns made from MILIFE® have a soft, voluminous feel, which can be used for unique new fabrics.CLAF®’s thin profile helps produce quality printing without the need for special inks or machinery.

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