MILIFE® Frequently Asked Questions

Can Milife® be printed on?

Yes, Milife® can be dyed and printed to create patterns and numerous color combinations – perfect for packaging, clothing, wallpapers and specialty applications.

 Can Milife® be laminated to other materials?

Yes! Because Milife® is 100% fine denier polyester it can be laminated with other films and materials to create an outstanding finished product.

Can Milife® be pleated?

Yes, ask us about filtration or other pleated application possibilities!

How is Milife® different from other polyester nonwovens?

  • Milife® provides a silk-like surface, with a unique feel and appearance, with fiber diameters of about 10µm.
  • Properties can be balanced in MD and CD, or unbalanced; it will be uniquely suited for your application!
  • Highly oriented fibers give Milife® excellent dimensional stability.

Can Milife® be slit to width?

Yes, Milfe® is available at 2 meter width or slit to your needs.