When was the last time you paused because of the quality of something that you were about to buy? When it comes to merchandising, perception is everything – from the visual presentation of your product to the tactile feel of the packaging when a customer picks it up. Standard packaging; foil bags, plastic, paper, all of it is on a scale that’s so rough to our sense of touch that we often just block it out and move on with our day. But what if you could stop a customer in their tracks for just a moment with your packaging? How much would that split-second be worth?

MILIFE packaging
To stand out in the loud world of merchandising, a subtle material creates a connection and a moment of thought for any shopper. In between crinkly bags, rough cardboard boxes, and heavy cans or jars, packaging made with nonwoven materials like MILIFE® can stand out – in more ways than one! Here are the ways MILIFE® packaging can take your merchandising efforts ever higher.

  1. MILIFE® nonwovens are fully printable. You can dye MILIFE®, print on it, pattern it, and add fine details right down to the smallest lettering your product needs. The design of your merchandise is unique, MILIFE® is a great platform to show it off.
  2. MILIFE® has a unique texture. Foil bags crumple and crease in the hand, discarded shrink film can be dangerous to leave around pets or children, and cardboard boxes are rough and cause the worst papercuts! MILIFE® is a silk-like nonwoven packaging with fiber diameters of about 10 micrometers that feels premium from the moment it comes off the shelf.
  3. MILIFE® can be laminated to other materials. Its unique makeup means that, if you need to use a specialized packaging material, but you want that beautiful and unique texture and look, you can laminate it to other films and materials for your finished product.
  4. MILIFE® is strong. With highly oriented fibers and a unique structure, MILIFE® has excellent dimensional stability.

MILIFE materials printed

Your product will shine front and center – imagine how effective your merchandising will be when customers can’t help but stop and pick up your product. MILIFE® nonwovens are a unique packaging solution – reach out to us today to learn how you can use this subtle material to stand out in a rough, loud world.

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