With the right fabric, you can craft more than durable outdoor apparel. Your brand could become a customer’s go-to for favorite jackets, pants, sleeping bags, and much more. Dry, warm, and comfortable – the best technical apparel for hiking and other outdoor activities checks all three boxes. And whether an outdoor adventurer is searching for high-visibility or high fashion, creating a unique look is easier with a highly customizable fabric. 100% polyester MILIFE® fits all of these features into one easy-to-use nonwoven material that’s perfect for outdoor apparel – not only because it makes for a great outer layer and inner liner, but also because you can use it as an effective insulation fill as well. Discover the properties and applications of this unique nonwoven, and find out what you can create with MILIFE®.

Performance Fabric for Outdoor Apparel

As a fine denier fabric available in a variety of weights and thicknesses, MILIFE® can easily be used to add functionality and appeal to outdoor apparel:

  • It’s comfortable and breathable enough for your liner layer, featuring a silky texture.
  • When used as part of an outer shell, the water-resistant properties of MILIFE® fabrics shine, keeping users and interior insulation dry.
  • It can easily be dyed or printed for a unique look.
  • A variety of weights and grades mean that the excellent durability and tensile strength of MILIFE® can be configured to fit your needs.
  • It’s also easy to combine with other materials via processes like lamination, resin impregnation, and more to create unique properties.
Finetrack insulated jackets

Jackets made with MILIFE®, image courtesy of Finetrack

Brave the Elements with an Effective Fill

Maintaining body heat is key in the outdoors, and a 100% polyester fill makes it easy, providing an even more reliable piece in a customer’s wardrobe. That’s why we developed Wrinkle MILIFE®. It has all the same properties as original MILIFE®, but with a creped construction and a thinner fiber composition. It gives a higher loft with plenty of insulation, all while remaining extremely light and never leaking out of closed seams like a traditional down fill. Additionally, it retains heat even when wet – something that down fill cannot do. Alone or combined with original MILIFE®, it’s the ideal fill for insulated apparel and sleeping bags.

MILIFE® is Proven in the Outdoors

It’s strong enough to catch the wind as a layer in boat sails and tough enough to use in tent applications, and yet it’s light, breathable, and comfortable for apparel – MILIFE® checks all the boxes for a performance outdoor polyester fabric and insulation. With a variety of weights and grades, there’s a MILIFE® composition to fit your application. Reach out to our nonwoven experts today and learn more about this high-performance material, and see how easy it is to create stellar products with MILIFE®.

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