Thin, light, with balanced toughness and the appearance of a textile, MILIFE® is a polyester nonwoven that impresses customers and fits a variety of applications. It’s all thanks to the unique structure of the material – we combine unique orientation and spinning processes for a silklike surface, thin profile, and excellent dimensional stability. MILIFE® offers the ideal platform for eyecatching printed packaging, unique new fabrics, and reliable textiles. Discover this versatile polyester nonwoven – read on to learn about MILIFE®.

Producing a Unique Polyester Nonwoven

For a silky texture and with a process that results in a number of unique properties, MILIFE® and Microfiber MILIFE® are produced under exacting conditions. A typical spunbond polyester contains fibers with a thickness of 23 micrometers or more. MILIFE® fibers are only about 10 micrometers thick, and Microfiber MILIFE® comes down to about 2.3 micrometers. This low-profile fiber allows for an exceptionally flat and thin surface with a uniform basis weight and excellent tensile strength, which makes it ideal for a variety of applications.

MILIFE® Varieties for Your Application

MILIFE® comes in multiple varieties, and can be produced to fit your specifications and process. Original MILIFE® can be produced in T-grade MD-only, and TY-grade MD/CD orientations depending on the characteristics your end product will need. Additionally, we have introduced Microfiber MILIFE®, an even finer nonwoven material produced with smaller fibers. We’re happy to talk about how these options can fit into your product – call us to find out more about MILIFE® for yourself.

Creating the Ideal Product With MILIFE®

This polyester nonwoven is perfect for a large assortment of products – apparel, interior design, household necessities, packaging, and so much more. It’s because it’s compatible with a number of processes, including resin impregnation, metalization, dying, pleating, lamination, and other processing methods. Its unique texture and look make for striking wallpapers or window blinds. Its flat profile is a great platform for all kinds of printing, and its processability makes it the ideal package for products. It can help in soundproofing and insulation, and can even be used inside clothing or camping gear.

Versatile, Unique, and Easy to Use

For a pleasing texture with a wide range of applications, MILIFE® is the high-performance polyester nonwoven you’re looking for! Reach out to learn more about the variety of MILIFE® products, and how we can tailor this unique product to fit your needs

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